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Why are we launching an Acton Academy?


While earning my master's degree in education, I was teaching high school and middle school courses at a residential treatment center for girls.  I was surprised to find how many of them were reading at the 1st to 3rd-grade level. This discovery started me on a journey (that has never ended) to find and implement innovative and effective teaching methods to solve problems and become a better educator.  I began to research reading interventions, which eventually led to working as a consultant at Lindamood-Bell Learning Process, known for its' excellent, research-validated programs that develop skills for reading and comprehension.  Most recently, I have been learning and implementing inquiry-based literacy instruction, and have loved watching students grow as they use scientific inquiry to discover features and conventions that govern word structure--which in turn, greatly improves spelling and reading skills.  My point is that I am always looking for ways to improve as an educator.  


As a mother, I have often thought about how I want my children to be strong in the core skills of reading, writing, and math.  Beyond that and more importantly, my greatest hope for them is to discover their gifts, be self-directed learners, and, simply, become good, kind people.  I wondered if spending a lot of time doing worksheets, hearing lectures, and taking tests on information that can be found on Google was the best use of their time or the best way to instill the characteristics that I believe are most important.  So when I came across Acton Academy, I was instantly intrigued. As an educator and a mother, I believe there is no better way to help our children grow than to give them the opportunity to embrace the commitment and discipline it takes to achieve their own goals and embark on a journey to find their calling.  We are looking for like-minded families to join us in launching Acton Academy: San Diego East, opening the fall of 2020.  If you are ready to renovate your child's education and launch their hero's journey, contact me.  I look forward to meeting you!

Mandy Callister

Mandy Callister

Founder and Director

Acton Academy: San Diego East

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